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WIKUS Headquarter


WIKUS - Saw Factory


Spangenberg, Germany




IB Hausladen

At WIKUS Headquarter, the design aimed to create a striking entrance, reflecting its global leadership in precision and quality.

The new entrance building and conference center now serve as a clear focal point, embodying WIKUS's corporate identity. 

With its flowing lines, the entrance building stands out, welcoming visitors into WIKUS's world. Its expansive facade facing the main road makes a bold statement, capturing the essence of the company. By integrating existing buildings seamlessly, the design creates a unified and impressive architectural presence

The distinctive motorized folding facade interprets the saw blade as the company's primary product, enclosing existing and new structures. Horizontal bands and unique perforated panels create nuanced transparency while adapting daylight needs. The building concept prioritizes user-friendly operation and adaptability.


WIKUS inaugurated the new headquarter aligning with its 60th anniversary.

Image Copyright:

Bieling Architects

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