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Student Research Center


Hesse Construction Management


Kassel, Germany





The new building at Albert-Schweitzer-School in Kassel offers a prime location bridging the schoolyard and the main street. With entrances on both levels, it ensures convenient access for students and visitors. The staggered design adapts seamlessly to the varied terrain, maximizing functionality while enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

Constructed with aluminum perforated sheeting, the façade strikes a balance between energy efficiency and visual distinction, signaling the building's unique purpose. Inside, versatile spaces cater to diverse needs, from student workshops to classrooms and labs. This layout fosters collaborative learning and efficient supervision.

Notably, the rooftop observatory serves as the heart of the student research center, inspiring curiosity and scientific exploration. Overall, this project not only meets practical needs but also promotes innovation and educational excellence, making it a valuable asset for the school and its community.

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Bieling Architects

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