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Striegel Building


Manfred Striegel


Kassel, Germany





The residential and commercial complex stands as a pivotal structure in the area, adjacent to the new pedestrian bridge leading to the city center. Its strategic location not only bridges two building lines of differing heights but also symbolizes a connection between urban vibrancy and natural serenity. 

With deliberate architectural elements, such as the shared natural stone base and carefully positioned openings offering picturesque views of the surrounding landscape, the building encapsulates the essence of harmonizing city living with tranquil riverside allure. 

Furthermore, its integration of a ground-floor café creates a dynamic social hub, fostering community engagement and enhancing the overall livability of the area. This project not only offers functional spaces but also adds significant value by enriching the urban fabric and fostering a sense of connectivity and vitality in the neighborhood.

Image Copyright:

Bieling Architects

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