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QVC Call Center


QVC eProperty Management


Kassel, Germany





The new QVC Call Center stands as a testament to urban integration and functional design. Nestled between Stern- and Leipziger Streets, its innovative architecture harmonizes with the surrounding cityscape. 

The building's curved façade and elongated windows not only create a visually striking presence but also maximize natural light and ventilation within. Its strategic location, fosters connectivity and convenience for both employees and visitors. Moreover, the inclusion of an above-ground parking facility addresses practical needs while minimizing disruptions to the urban environment. 

Inside, an open staircase fosters seamless movement across floors, promoting collaboration and efficiency. Additionally, the second-floor courtyard provides a tranquil retreat for employees, enhancing their well-being and productivity. Overall, the QVC Call Center exemplifies how considered design can elevate urban spaces and enrich the lives of those within them.

Image Copyright:

Bieling Architects

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