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Office + Kindergarden




Hannover, Germany


Competition - First Prize



Our response to the competition brief, focuses on the addition of a new building, housing a day-care center and flexible offices. Drawing inspiration from adjacent buildings, our proposal completed the development of the company's campus. 

A key focus of the office floors is to create contemporary workspaces that are flexible, well-lit, and conducive to communication. The layout features single, double, and team offices flanking a versatile multi-functional zone, comprising meeting rooms, waiting areas and suporting spaces. We prioritize access to outdoor spaces to enhance well-being - including terraces, balconies and courtyards on every floor.

The integration of the kindergarden at the ground floor enables flexibility for working parents. Densely planted areas and the use of softer materials like wood create a safe environment for the children. The design proposal fosters a family-friendly environment within the workplace, promoting a better work-life balance. 

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Render Taxi, Bieling Architects

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