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Kassel-Calden Airport


Flughafen GmbH


Kassel-Calden, Germany





The transformation of the current airfield into a full-fledged airport encompasses several key developments. These include the creation of a new runway and parallel taxiway, alongside essential facilities such as a terminal building, control tower, firefighting stations, and maintenance hangars. Future plans include the provision of a general aviation terminal and a larger commercial zone catering to future aviation needs.

This expansion aims to facilitate regular tourist, low-cost, and business flights while bolstering existing commercial activities associated with the airport. The terminal design emphasizes efficiency, featuring a compact two-story structure. Notably, the design allows for potential future expansion, with provisions for extending the building longitudinally on both sides.

The terminal layout comprises three levels: Level 0, situated at apron level and accessible from the airside; Level 1, the primary terminal level accessible from landside; and Level 2, accommodating technical and ancillary functions, seamlessly integrated for easy accessibility.

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Bieling Architects

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