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Hybrid House


Deutsche Real Estate and Hamburg + Wernst Real Estate


Hamburg, Germany





The design presents a standalone volume within the master plan, featuring cuts, interruptions, and setbacks that break up the cube. Deep incisions on all façade sides allow natural light to permeate the interior, creating niches that serve as balconies, providing residents with sheltered outdoor spaces.

Embracing a hybrid usage concept, our design seamlessly integrates residential and commercial elements, promoting a cohesive living and working environment while preserving distinct zones for optimal comfort and productivity. Adhering to a flexible layout, each floor offers a diverse range of spaces, from individual units to expansive duplexes, catering to various lifestyle needs. 

Emphasizing functionality, we've meticulously planned separate entrances for office and residential domains, ensuring seamless navigation for all occupants. Inside, a dual-flight staircase layout mitigates any potential conflicts between residential and business users, fostering a harmonious coexistence.

Image Copyright:

Jörg Schwalfenberg

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