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Fabric to Form




London, UK




Architectural Association

The project exploresthe transformation of 2D Lycra patterns into 3D plaster structures, enhancing the understanding of material behavior and structural integrity.  This innovative approach demonstrates a unique method of material experimentation, showcasing cutting-edge design techniques. 

By developing and applying specific stitching patterns to Lycra, the process uses gravitational forces during plaster casting to morph a flat plane into a curved surface. This method controls plaster flow and material deformation, creating aesthetically appealing and structurally sound forms. The investigation involved five explorations of curvature, starting with simple 2D curves and progressing to complex 3D shapes with points of torsion. 

The project underscores a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional design, providing new insights into material capabilities and design.

Image Copyright:

Bieling Architects

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