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Façade Revitalization




Hamburg, Germany


Competition - Finalist



Our proposal for revitalizing the façade of a corporate headquarters blends timelessness with modern sustainability, prioritizing durability and energy efficiency. Focused on meeting our client's needs and reflecting their identity, the design strives for both aesthetic impact and functionality.

A highlight of the project is the energy-optimized brick façade. High-quality bricks, carefully chosen for their thermal properties, enhance insulation, reducing energy consumption significantly compared to the current structure. We prioritize a clear and welcoming ground-floor entrance, essential for a corporate setting, by optimizing traffic flow and removing barriers.

Strategic placements of glass cubes as interventions add contemporary flair and natural light, creating focal points that enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality. Revitalizing architectural landmarks brings myriad benefits, from improved energy efficiency to enhanced aesthetics, ultimately creating spaces that inspire and contribute positively to occupants and their surroundings.

Image Copyright:

Bieling Architects

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