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Fürstenrieder Commercial Building


Development Partners and Bucher Properties


Munich, Germany





At the core of our vision lies the creation a commercial hub that harmonizes with its urban surroundings and meets the diverse needs of a prime retail and office space. The ground level of our new building is embraced by expansive glass panels, inviting in natural light and showcasing vibrant activity within. Above, an array of advertising displays adorns the facade, ensuring visibility and engagement.

Meanwhile, a mix of sleek vertical lines and textured metal accents infuse the structure with modern elegance, resonating with the bustling energy of office life on the upper floors. As the building extends into the property, it seamlessly integrates with the surrounding residential landscape.

Inside, spacious layouts offer possibilities for adaptable use, ensuring enduring relevance and functionality. By thoughtfully optimizing every space, we maximize the potential for dynamic retail experiences while ensuring a welcoming atmosphere flooded with daylight.

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Bieling Architects

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