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Extension of the District Administration


Ostholstein District Administration


Eutin, Germany


Under Construction


IB Hausladen

Our District Administration extension seamlessly integrates with the existing listed buildings, adding a new dimension while maintaining architectural coherence -- its considered volume future-proofs the site for further expansions.

Focused on creating a contemporary work environment, our design prioritizes flexibility and natural light. The layout includes single and double offices and a multifunctional zone comprising meeting rooms and all supporting spaces. The open staircase fosters movement and interaction across levels to promote a collaborative environment.

Embracing sustainability, the building utilizes a wooden hybrid construction following Cradle to Cradle principles. This approach not only sequesters CO2 but also enables recyclability through reversible connections between materials. Prefabrication minimizes construction time and resource usage, while the open wooden interior enhances comfort for occupants.

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