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Kassel Cemetery Administration


Kassel, Germany





The crematorium project enhances the historical setting of the Kassel Main Cemetery by adding a distinctive yet respectful modern volume. Positioned within the courtyard, it preserves the integrity of the existing layout while introducing a contemporary edge. The design, featuring a translucent facade and symbolic green hues, embodies themes of lightness, hope, and nature, adding depth to its significance. 

Operating day and night, the building's appearance dynamically evolves with changing daylight, symbolizing the cycle of life and offering solace to visitors. Additionally, the thoughtful integration of illuminated elements symbolizes the transformative journey of remembrance. The strategic placement of weathering steel baffles not only marks entry points but also serves as a subtle guide for visitors, ensuring a compassionate and dignified experience. 

Overall, this project seamlessly blends modern functionality with timeless symbolism, enriching the cemetery's heritage and providing a comforting space for reflection.

Image Copyright:

Prof. Dieter Leistner

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