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Catholic High School Extension


Archdiocese of Paderborn


Paderborn, Germany





The Catholic University of Applied Sciences is enhancing its academic environment to accommodate its growing student body. Addressing the pressing need for additional lecture halls and seminar rooms, we designed and delivered a new single-story building seamlessly integrating into the historic charm of the campus and its lush parkland setting.

Designed to harmonize with the existing architecture, the new structure delicately rises above ground level, exuding an aura of lightness amidst the solidity of surrounding walls and portals. Accessible from both the park and the main building, the new facility prioritizes inclusivity with barrier-free entrances. Inside, wooden feautures provide warmth and acoustic comfort. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels on its facades infuse teaching spaces with natural light while versatile partition walls ensure flexibility in teaching methodologies. 

Constructed primarily from sustainable materials, including renewable wood for structural elements, the building embraces eco-conscious design. All elements come together creating a serene and conducive environment for learning and collaboration.

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