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Cathedral Museum & Abbey Library


Catholic Cathedral Parish of St. Peter


Fritzlar, Germany




Ingrid Bussenius - Interior Design

The historic monastery building adjacent to the cathedral cloister has a rich history which our careful design restoration and revitalization celebrates. Initially serving as a retirement and nursing home until 2007, careful planning explored various potential uses in 2011 - ultimately leading to a parish hall and offices for the Parish of St. Peter in 2017.

Under the supervision of the parish, with generous support from the Diocese of Fulda and public donors, the monastery is undergoing thorough renovation and partial reconstruction. Simultaneously, the cathedral museum has been revamped with new exhibition equipment and climate-controlled galleries - while the museum library received upgraded displays and technical equipment for better preservation.Outside, a new barrier-free entrance and forecourt improves access, as well as providing an open space for community gatherings. 

Following conservation guidelines, the facade and roof underwent careful renovation, preserving their historical significance. Limited interventions ensure compliance, allowing for respectful restoration while honoring the building's heritage.

Image Copyright:

Sebastian Böttcher

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