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Bergedorf District


D-H3 and Trei Real Estate in partnership with city of Hamburg


Bergedorf Hamburg, Germany


Competition - Finalist


Studio Polymorph - Landscape Architecture

The brief seeks an innovative urban development strategy for Bergedorf's central shopping streets, revitalizing currently abandoned spaces. The design proposes a cohesive yet distinctive vision for the 2 plots in question. 

Drawing inspiration from the existing urban fabric, the proposed buildings maintain a harmonious scale and structure, with additional like public offerings and  roof terraces. Ground floors are designed with spacious, open-plan retail areas, acting as an extension of the surrounding park and plazas. The proposed apartment building offers an inner courtyard and rooftop gardens for a serene green spaces for relaxation and play.

Enhancements extend beyond the buildings, with urban interventions redesigned to promote connectivity - prioritizing pedestrian comfort and access while maintaining convenience for motorists and cyclists. Kaiser-Wilhelm-Plaza is envisioned as a welcoming green space, complementing the castle garden and offering potential for dining, events, and markets. Through thoughtful urban planning, the project aims to enhance Bergedorf's charm and functionality, creating inviting spaces for residents and visitors alike.

Image Copyright:

Atelier Noise, Bieling Architects

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