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Development Partner AG,
B&L Gruppe


Hamburg, Germany





Located prominently at the bustling intersection of Fuhlsbüttler Strasse 101, Drosselstrasse, and Pestalozzistrasse in Hamburg's sought-after Barmbek district, our new building stands as a beacon of modernity and ease. Offering a diverse array of amenities including retail, dining options, office spaces, a hotel, fitness center, and a neighborhood garage with ample parking -  it caters to every need for the surrounding community. 

The facade exudes sophistication with its elegant yet understated masonry design, characterized by vertically aligned red bricks typical of Hamburg's architectural heritage. Thoughtful consideration of varied usage requirements ensures seamless integration without compromising unity. Textured masonry, add depth and structure to the facade, enhancing the building's overall appeal.

The volume feature a subtle setback, harmonizing gracefully with neighboring structures in height. The designed enhancements include expansive shop windows and an inviting arcade at the entrance on Fuhlsbüttler Strasse - offering a welcoming environment for patrons and visitors.

Image Copyright:

Arne Mayntz

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