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"New Center" Residential District


Urban Development and Housing Association Hesse


Kassel, Germany


Competition - Finalist



The city faces a persistent housing demand amidst limited land availability, our design approch for this brief focuses on revitalizing underutilized areas to help aliviate the current situation. In the South district, the former pension office site stands as a prime candidate for urban renewal - currently vacant and deteriorating, the building awaits transformation.

The district's existing structures, including the perimeter block along Frankfurter street and housing developments along Rembrandt street, converge on the site, shaping the vision for the "New Center". The proposed disctrict utilizes height variations, public ground floors as well as private courtyards and green spaces, to enhance the quality of living.  

The district achieves the target metrics while fostering pedestrian connectivity and visual transparency, contributing to a vibrant and cohesive urban fabric.

Image Copyright:

Render Taxi, Bieling Architects

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