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Neuer Steinweg, Deutsche Real Estate und Hamburg Team


Hamburg, Deutschland





The redevelopment of the area introduces a vibrant mix of living and working spaces. Emphasizing urban blocks, plazas, and streets, the design fosters a dynamic environment for high-quality living and working experiences.

Our design strategy aims to revitalize the surrounding urban fabric, restoring the traditional block structure while creating inviting spaces for residents and workers alike. By enclosing outer edges and creating internal pathways, the development prioritizes community interaction and enhances individual living and working environments.

The project includes an eleven-story hotel tower with a connecting extension, an office building spanning seven stories, a boardinghouse offering diverse room sizes, and five-story residential buildings surrounding a central square. Ground-level retail further enriches the neighborhood's vibrancy, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and visitors.


Carsten Brügmann

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